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Welcome to Somerset!

Globe with the word welcome in the languages spoken by staff at Somerset Foundation Trust

This guide has been constructed to help anyone who has recently moved to Somerset to feel more at home here. It is a work in progress and if you have any suggestions for what you would like to see on the site, please email:

The Somerset accent and dialect can be difficult to understand for new arrivals to the area, whether you have been recruited internationally or from another region of the UK.

You might find these websites useful:

Somerset Dictionary A to M from BBC Voices

Somerset Dictionary N to Z from BBC Voices

These are the 23 best West Country words but how many do you use? from Somerset Live

There are conversation cafes held at public libraries throughout Somerset, anyone can join the public library and all resources are free. Find out more from Somerset Libraries here.

They offer a free online language learning programme, more details here.

We are also offering a conversation / cultural cafe at Musgrove Library (located in the Academy). Come and practice your English in a relax setting at 2pm on: 

- Tuesday 19th March 
- Tuesday 2nd April
- Monday 15th April
- Monday 29th April
- Monday 13th May 
- Tuesday 28th May

We provide tea and biscuits!



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Welcome to Somerset

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