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banana image wrapped in various papers. Title of the book under: how bad are bananas? the carbon footprint of everything. Author at the top of the cover Mike Berners-Lee
collage of the covers of all four books:  from top left: XL R8, Leading change, bottom left The Heart of change and A sense of urgency.
at the top the title: leading with compassion how to make leadership authentic by managing with integrity. In the middle heart shaped with hands and in the centre a sun and the author at the bottom: Dr. Gregory E. Worden
in the centre title of the book Perspectives on Thinking, Learning, and Cognitive Styles
at the top title of the book Compassionate leadership. In the centre three symbols represented individuals linked together. at the bottom:  16 simple ways to engage and inspire your team at work followed by the author: Paul Axtell
title in the centre The fourth bottom line, followed by sub-title:  flourishing in the new era of compassionate leadership and the author Paul Hargreaves. Background in blue
background: a wave reaching the sand. At the front, the title and sub title:Turn the tide on climate anxiety : sustainable action for your mental health and the planet.